Five Tips to Be Considered Before Taking Rented House in Chennai

Published on November 21 2012

There has been an increasing demand and prices of rented houses in Chennai. The article discusses some tips, which can be helpful for taking a property on rent in Chennai.

Chennai has an attractive job and education market; this is the reason why it has become a hot spot in terms of property. People from adjoining regions of India reach Chennai with a dream to excel in the professional life, and make have a better life, which has good economic support. The prices are soaring and the availability of houses and apartments in Chennai is limited.

Always make sure that when looking for a rented house, everything is checked properly, and the decision is not forcefully forced. Generally, the property owners offer their places on rent for a short period, as they wait for a good deal to sell those. Such type of decisions must not be made to avoid hassle in the end. The decision made in hurry always brings problems with it, and can double your troubles. Therefore, it is better to avoid such homes, so that you do not have to search a home all over again. To avoid such problems, some of the tips can be helpful:

Searching and checking the rent of the localities: The foremost thing is the budget; it is always advisable to have an idea about the rentals in the areas where you decide to reside. For example: if you are looking for a 2 bhk flat in ECR, enquire about the rentals flats in ECR and security deposit amount, which is generally asked as advance. Usually, the tenants need to pay a rental of two months as security deposit, which is the general trend and may vary according to the localities.

1. Selecting the locality: Make sure that which kind of locality can be suitable according to your budget, convenience, and distance from workplace, adaptability and safety. Check if the area has proper and regular water and electricity supply. Also, inquire about the proximity of the locality to the shopping centres, schools, hospitals, etc.

2. Take References: Locales can help you to find out the suitable homes. Their names can also be given as references to the property agents or property owners looking for tenants. This is one of the effective measures to familiarize you with the living conditions of the place. You may take assistance from property dealers, newspapers or property portals and get relevant information. Consulting your employer or office colleagues on taking rented apartments in Chennai, can also be quite helpful.

3. Checking the Property: Visiting the property that is scheduled to take on lease must be visited personally and all the facilities like water supply, electricity supply, drainage system, wiring, earthing, security, etc. must be checked. The smooth working of doors, windows, locks and other attachments must be ensured.

4. Contract of lease: The document of lease must be read carefully; the security deposit and brokerage fee must be verified. The terms and conditions should be read in detail and must be registered. Make sure to finish the paper work before moving.

5.- Chennai real estate offers various feasible options for rented spaces but the key is to remain alert and prudent while finalizing the rented house in Chennai. With the help of above-mentioned tips, you can surely reduce your problems and confusions related to search of right kind of homes for rent in Chennai.

Written by Anurag Singh Rana

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